Trask Decrow Machinery.

Project Overview

Name: Trask Decrow Machinery

Location: Scarborough, ME

When Trask Decrow Machinery (TDM) outgrew their facility in South Portland, they looked to Sheridan Construction to resurrect the former Hyster facility in Scarborough. Our engineers determined that the “bones” of the structure were sound, but a major facelift, re-roof, and complete demolition of the water-damaged interior was in order.

After re-roofing the office portion, attention was turned to the perimeter walls, which were wet from years of water seeping through the masonry. The TDM/Sheridan team determined that architectural metal wall panels over rigid insulation was the most cost-effective solution, creating a modern-looking water-tight envelope. New energy-efficient windows, lighting, and boiler/HVAC systems were added to meet and exceed the new energy codes.

 Sheridan Construction’s expertise allowed us to operate our existing business with minimal concern during the entire process. Communication was excellent; we never wondered where we stood and were always confident the project would be completed on schedule. 

 All in all, we found a potentially stressful project to actually be fun and enjoyable because of the very professional Sheridan team. Job well done!

Chuck Decrow
President, TDM Machinery, Scarborough, ME