Since 1947, Sheridan Construction has strived to be an industry leader in jobsite safety. At Sheridan, we expect each member of our team to play a major role in creating a safe working environment. Our team takes ownership and has achieved 3 consecutive years with no lost time injuries on any jobsite. This effort will continue to allow Sheridan to highlight our average EMR of .78 over the last 3 years. ​

We are a company of builders who respect each other, as well as our business partners, and are passionate about keeping everyone safe. At Sheridan, no job, task, or schedule is more important than the health and wellbeing of people on or near our job sites. We are responsible and take action to ensure our own safety, and the safety of our clients and surrounding community. ​

We are committed to returning everyone affiliated with our jobsite home to their family each day. This type of commitment keeps our construction sites injury free and our work areas safe. This passion for safety can be seen as every member of our crew either has, or is working toward, their OSHA 10, while all our supervisors carry, or are working towards, their OSHA 30.​

Sheridan Construction will continue to be a leader in efforts to mitigate the risk involved on each jobsite. We are focused on many key areas, such as predictive analytics and subcontractor prequalification, in addition to preconstruction meetings and extensive project planning. ​

Furthermore, Sheridan is elevating our planning and understanding of the risks associated with the construction industry. Sheridan is committed to developing and educating employees on the standards they must uphold. Jobsite education is integral to keeping our workforce safe, and our projects completed on time. ​

As safety is a top priority for Sheridan, we have empowered our safety director to work with our on-site supervisors and labor development team with the goal of meeting or exceeding OSHAs standard levels of safety. A part of this initiative is implementing a weekly toolbox talk to our teams in the field. The goal of this initiative is to do a weekly refresh on the hazards of the field.​

Lastly, Sheridan has ended 2022 receiving numerous honors for safety from the Maine State Group Trust, and the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). These awards consist of “Zero Lost Time Claims”, “Most Effective Loss Prevention Program”, “Zero % Loss Ratio”, and “Safety Management System Step Silver.” Sheridan is grateful to receive these awards, as they are exemplary of our effort and dedication to the safety and well-being of our teams, clients, and surrounding community.

Recent Safety Awards