Wood Buildings

As one of the oldest, and most frequently used building materials, wood comes with many significant advantages in construction. Wood is extremely adaptable and effective for the construction of smaller structures. Additionally, wood is also simple to construct.  In fact, wood in most cases does not require the use of heavy equipment during construction. Most alterations to the wood itself happen on-site, which enables it to be an extremely efficient material to build with. Furthermore, wood is a poor conductor of heat, allowing wood structures to have an advantage over competing building materials, as wood in most cases will require less insulation. All these factors together will reduce the overall cost of a wood-based structure, making wood in the right circumstance one of the most affordable materials. ​

Though wood has many significant advantages, there are still some things to take into consideration when choosing wood as your choice of building material. Depending on the overall size of the project, wood can have some structural limitations that competing building materials will not encounter. As wood tends to be a weaker building material, larger projects could require the use of load-bearing walls and can possibly limit the height of a wood-based structure altogether. Additionally, it can also be susceptible to events such as fire, insect infestation, and rot, which all can lead to compromising or failure of the structure. ​

Why Choose Wood?​

One of the most impactful reasons to choose a wood-based structure is cost. As it is a very adaptable material and can be constructed quickly, Wood is an excellent choice for smaller projects, with the potential to save money for our clients on the overall cost of construction. ​

Wood is a great choice for any space which may require the retention of heat or the absorption of sound. Due to its adaptability and ease of construction, wood can be a great choice for housing projects or smaller complex commercial spaces. ​

Why Choose Sheridan?​

The Sheridan Corporation is known as Maine’s premier pre-engineered metal building contractor, but we also effectively self-perform and manage wood-framed projects. These projects range from conventional wood framed structures, heavy timber structures, prefabricated wood structures, and hybrid wood and steel structures. Sheridan’s ability to identify the most cost-effective framing solution by utilizing its in-house engineering staff sets us apart from our competition and provides our clients with a fully customized project.