Construction Management ​

What is Construction Management?

The base concepts of construction management are planning, budgeting, scheduling, coordinating, supervising, and overseeing every aspect of construction projects. Typically, the Construction Manager is hired early in the design process to provide the Owner & Design Team with information critical to the success of the project.

It is critical for any Construction Manager to communicate effectively with various entities, such as Ownership groups, subcontractors, architects, engineers, vendors, and most importantly, the client.

Why Hire a Construction Manager?

A Construction Manager will provide necessary services, such as estimating, value engineering, constructability reviews, pre-qualification of subcontractors, scheduling, project risk assessments, and the identification of long lead items which could affect the overall schedule of the project.

A Construction Manager is a group of professionals working to simplify the daunting process of construction. Hiring the right construction management team will save you time, resources, and in most cases will also reduce the total cost of a project.

Why Choose Sheridan?

Our services are designed to simplify the process for our clients. We pride ourselves on the connections we have established with various subcontractors throughout Maine and the northeast. These relationships allow Sheridan to better coordinate scheduling and budgeting to the most accurate degree.

Sheridan Construction is committed to offering the highest level of Construction Management. The quality of our services is driven by our experienced staff. The average length of employment for a Sheridan employee is over 10 years! Our team is experienced and ready to assist as your organization grows.

Our experience and knowledge in all aspects of construction make Sheridan your best choice for managing your project. After all, Construction Management is really the basis for all the work we do. Advantages to Construction Management include increased coordination between the Design Team, the subcontractors, and the Owner resulting in fewer disputes, claims, and delays. Time and cost savings are realized through an efficient pre-construction process and a smooth transition into the construction phase.

Contact us to learn how Sheridan can maximize the value of your next building project.