How Does Sheridan Help?

Sheridan Construction has and will continue to develop, build, and invest in Maine. We do this in a multitude of ways, developing excellent employees who provide trade skills, engineering services, and effective business management, but also in our communities across the state. Our various memberships and affiliations reflect these investments in Maine as well as various national and professional associations.

Most recently, Sheridan has partnered with local educators such as The Mid-Maine Technical center, Somerset Career & Technical Center, Tri-County Technical Center, Capital Area Technical Center, and Jobs For Maine Graduates (JMG) to help grow the workforce in Maine.

We pride ourselves in the opportunities we can provide to young adults and students working their way through their education. We have been fortunate enough to host groups of students at our office and on job sites, as well as join them in the classroom. Sheridan is thankful to have discovered several outstanding students who we have hired into our organization.  Our team will continue to take part in programs dedicated to the advancement of our workforce for the betterment of our community.

Educational Partnerships


Chamber of Commerce Memberships