General Contracting

What is a General Contractor?

A General Contractor is generally hired as a third party through a bidding process and is responsible for the administration and oversite of work related to the renovation or construction of a new building. A General Contractor is typically responsible for every aspect of the construction phase. This includes the acquisition of permits, solicitation of subcontractors, supervision of construction efforts, and maintaining the project schedule, all while ensuring compliance with the project documents, quality standards, and safety.

Why Choose a General Contractor?

A General Contractor is the best fit when an Owner has a complete set of construction documents that may be released for bid. The Owner and Design Team assumes responsibility for the completeness and clarity of the bid documents.

The General Contractor tends to join a project following the completion of the design phase. The selection of a General Contractor is usually achieved through a competitive bid process where the lowest bidder will typically be awarded the job.

The most important reason to hire a General Contractor is for the overall administration of the construction process. Once a General Contractor is hired onto a job, they assume the liability for the project budget and completion timeframe.

Additionally, the General Contractor will handle hiring subcontractors, providing field management and labor, creating and managing the construction schedule, organizing and managing the job site, as well as assisting in cleanup, demobilization, and all safety procedures.

Why Choose Sheridan?

Sheridan has significant construction experience covering a comprehensive range of industries. The average length of employment with Sheridan is over 10 years. Sheridan can self-perform a wide range of tasks including foundations, structural steel fabrication and erection, rough carpentry, siding, and roofing. By self-performing these scopes of work, Sheridan possesses better control over schedule, quality, and safety on our projects.

Sheridan is a trusted General Contractor. Some major benefits of choosing Sheridan Construction as your General Contractor are our pre-qualification of subcontractors, accurate scheduling, and our use of cloud-based construction management software that allows for real-time construction reporting and documentation.