Butler® Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings ​

Who is Butler? ​

With almost 120 years of experience, Butler Manufacturing® is known for its innovation, and industry-leading problem-solving. Butler Manufacturing® was the catalyst behind the metal building industry’s global expansion over the last century. ​

In today’s market, Butler Manufacturing® is the leader in the industry and continues to innovate and improve the standard of metal buildings. ​

What is a Butler Building?​

A Butler building is a metal building that is engineered and fabricated by Butler’s innovative in-house staff. Unlike many other metal buildings, Butler designs and manufactures almost all of its own building components to create a true building system. Butler sets itself apart by featuring the highest quality roof, wall & structural systems that are unmatched in the industry. In addition, Butler offers pre-engineered, conventional, or hybrid solutions, depending on the needs of the project. Butler is an industry leader in durability, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability.​

Why is Butler Better?​

Butler sets their pre-engineered metal buildings apart in a multitude of ways:​

Butler MR24 is the only metal roof system with single-pass double-lock seams, allowing for a true watertight roofing system. This roof system also incorporates staggered roof panel splices, which eliminates a hinge point in your roof. Additionally, Butler utilizes a seamed-in gable trim, eliminating the need for fasteners.​

Butler uses factory-punched holes for proper alignment during assembly which improves the speed and accuracy of installation. Butler also utilizes Scrubolt™ fasteners, which have 50 percent more pullout strength and 62 percent more shear strength than self-drilling screws, which are traditionally utilized in other metal buildings.​

Butler uses steel rod bracing. The purpose of this bracing method is to negate the stretching and compromising of cable bracing, utilized by many of the other metal building manufacturers.​

Not only does a Butler building erect quicker than other metal buildings, but Butler’s building designs also ensure a more accurate fit-up and longer life span of your building.