Engineering & Permitting ​

What is Engineering & Permitting

Engineering is the careful design of a project’s site, structure, and building systems carried out by professionals, most often required to be professional engineers registered within the state in which the project is being built.

Permitting is the process of furnishing plans, details, and specifications to the required local, state, and/or federal agencies to confirm that the design meets certain criteria before construction may commence. These agencies can include planning boards, local code enforcement, the Department of Environmental Protection, the State Fire Marshal, etc.

Engineering & permitting are important in all aspects of building construction. From building a new commercial building to renovations, additions, or site design, almost everything involved in commercial construction requires a building permit or approval by a governing body.

As one may assume, acquiring the proper permits can oftentimes be a complex process. This is often due to not having a clear understanding of what the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) requires for documentation to acquire all the required permits for a particular project.

Why Choose Sheridan?

Sheridan’s engineering & permitting services are utilized exclusively for our Design-Build projects, which means we are dedicated to your project every step of the way.

Acquiring a building permit can oftentimes be difficult and time-consuming. Let our team of professionals help with this daunting process. Our team at Sheridan Construction offers cost-effective designs that meet ever-changing permit requirements. Sheridan’s in-house staff of licensed professional structural engineers, designers, and CAD operators will work with clients throughout the engineering and permitting process, providing our clients with our cost-effective design alternatives that meet varying requirements. Our engineering department’s experience working with local, state & federal agencies will prove to be a valuable asset to your project.