Reroofing System

What is the Butler Reroofing system?

The Butler Reroof and Retrofit Roof systems are extremely versatile, affordable, and designed to replace your leaky or damaged roofing system, with a long-term weathertight solution. In most cases, the Butler system can be installed directly over the existing roof, which eliminates tear-off costs and minimizes interruptions to daily business operations. The extensive design flexibility ensures a seamless integration into existing buildings.

Advantages of the Butler Reroofing system?

The Butler MR-24 Reroofing system employs only the true 360-degree Pittsburgh double lock, ensuring a weather-tight connection. This technology enhances durability, and prevents leaks, crucial for a long-lasting roofing solution.

The Low & High-profile roof system options allow up to an additional 6” of metal building insulation, increasing the overall efficiency of your building. These systems are both engineered to maintain a UL 90 wind uplift rating. The MR-24 roof system ensures your building is well-protected against extreme weather.

The Reroofing system allows for a vast level of customization.  Choose from a full range of color options, allowing customization to match your building’s aesthetic requirements seamlessly.

The MR-24 system offers a 25-year warranty and has proven on multiple occasions that with proper care, a 45-year lifespan roof can be achieved. The MR-24 system embraces environmental responsibility with the use of highly recyclable steel.  Additionally, the MR-24 system makes solar panel installation seamless, with non-penetrating High Rib Clamps.

Butler’s reroof is not only an upgrade, but also an investment in the long-term resilience, aesthetic appeal, and energy efficiency of your pre-engineered metal or conventional building. Trust in the MR-24 Roof system for enduring protection and peace of mind, ensuring your building stands strong against the test of time.

Why Choose Sheridan?

Sheridan Construction is Maine’s only full-service Butler partner and has been proud to be a Butler Builder® since 1947. Being a Butler career builder since 1978, Sheridan Construction has received the company’s highest awards for project design and construction over the years, most recently being named Builder of the Year in the East Region.​               

Whether you’re looking for a simple building solution, a retrofit roof, or multiple building complexes, Butler Buildings offer fast, affordable, architecturally appealing, and environmentally friendly solutions with many significant advantages.​

Contact us to learn how Sheridan Construction, a Butler Builder®, can solve your complex building challenges.