Our History

Over seventy-five years ago, in 1947, attorney John Marshall, a resident of Sheridan Avenue in Auburn, Maine, purchased a Butler Metal building franchise. He named his new company after his street, the Sheridan Corporation. In 1954, A young chemical engineer named Lyle M. Cutchin was in Aroostook County to build a potato starch plant. Lyle bought a Butler building from John Marshall. In 1958 Lyle bought the Sheridan Corporation and moved it to Central Maine, first locating it in Waterville, then Benton Station, and for the last 45 plus years, on or near Western Avenue in Fairfield. Interesting that once again the corporation is on a street named Sheridan, this time it is Sheridan Drive in Fairfield. ​

The Sheridan corporation has certainly grown and changed since its beginning in 1947. The building started out as simple structures, pretty much a shell with very little interior finish work. Today, Sheridan builds the premier complex buildings for the most prestigious companies, hospitals, schools, and institutions in Maine. There have been many people along the way who have significantly contributed to and are responsible for Sheridan’s success. ​

Sheridan Construction's history includes Lyle Cutchin, the second owner of the company.
Official Butler Builder® for the State of Maine
Logo for Butler Manufacturing.

The United States’ economy was booming, and Sheridan Construction became the official Butler Builder® for the State of Maine.

Sheridan Construction Moves to Central Maine
Sheridan Construction's history includes moving headquarters in 1958.

Lyle Cutchin acquired Ownership of the company and moved headquarters to the Greater Waterville area so the company would be centrally located in the state. Sheridan Construction prospered.​

Douglas Cutchin, New President of Sheridan Corporation
Douglas Cutchin.

Lyle’s son, Douglas Cutchin, became the President of The Sheridan Corporation as it experienced major growth. Douglas’s enthusiasm for all aspects of the construction industry, as well as the Maine economy enabled Sheridan to become a major contender in the construction industry. ​

Brad Nelson Becomes President
Brad Nelson.

In 2009 Brad Nelson became president of Sheridan and Mitchell Sammons assumed the role of Senior Vice President.

Mitchell Sammons, New President
Mitchell Sammons.

Mitchell Sammons took over as President of the corporation and Daniel Wildes assumed the role of the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. 

Daniel Wildes is Sheridan's President and Owner
Daniel Wildes, President of Sheridan Construction.

Daniel Wildes took over as President and full Owner of the company, following the retirement of former president Mitchell Sammons.

Wilbur Ferland & Gil Thibeau, New Vice Presidents
Gil Thibeau and Wilbur Ferland.

Daniel Wildes has been joined by Wilbur Ferland & Gil Thibeau as Senior Vice Presidents, and Owners of Sheridan Construction.