Metal Construction News - Enercon Technologies Facility, Gray, Maine

Great article in Metal Construction News, published August 15, 2020

For an expansion project at Enercon Technologies’ circuit boards and electronic components manufacturing facility, Grant Hays Associates Inc. designed an addition with metal building systems and metal roofing that matches roofing on the facility’s existing structure.

Sheridan Construction Corp. built the addition with metal building system components constructed on a conventional steel second-floor system. The company erected two of Butler Manufacturing’s metal building systems housing 70,000 square feet. Architectural features include cantilevered decks at the second floor and a cantilevered canopy above the truck loading docks. To connect the buildings, Sheridan Construction fabricated and installed a steel bridge walkway.

Tight vibration tolerances were required at the second floor for circuit board manufacturing equipment. To meet the requirement, heavier than normal structural systems were used. Instead of bar joists, steel beams were needed for a 10-inch-thick composite concrete slab designed for vibration dampening. Additionally, soil conditions required additional seismic bracing.

At roofs on the addition, Sheridan Construction installed Butler’s MR-24 standing seam roof system with a bare finish. In 1996, Sheridan Construction installed the same type of panels on the original building. For access from roof stairs to a mechanical penthouse, Sheridan Construction installed a metal walkway, distributed by LMCurbs.

On cantilevered spaces, roof penthouses and the connector bridge, W.H. Demmons Inc. fabricated onsite and installed its custom standing seam roofing in green.

Sheridan Construction also installed a snow retention system distributed by LMCurbs. In total, 451 tons of steel was used for the project.

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