Sheridan Construction’s Exciting News

Sheridan Construction is hiring!

Starting today, August 16, 2021, Sheridan Construction has a new Recruitment Commercial airing.

It airs Monday & Tuesday, 5 am Local News Stations WCSH (6) and WLBZ (2).

It will also air Wednesday & Friday, 5 am Local News Stations WCSH (6) and WLBZ (2). 

We are excited as we reach out to others who want to join the Sheridan Team. Let us know if you have seen the commercial. 

Sheridan Construction is dedicated to keeping the lines of communication open to provide flexible and responsive service to our clients. We can work with you on every aspect of your commercial construction project, from project and risk management to budgeting and quality control. Working on unique and challenging projects is our specialty. Contact us today to talk about how Sheridan Construction can tailor your next commercial construction project.