Beware The Radio Metal Building Ads

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Image of a metal building.

There has been a rash of radio advertisements that tout metal building “packages” with comments such as, “You can get a 5,000 square foot metal building for under $35,000!”

Caveat emptor comes to mind here. Sheridan Construction has been asked to erect some of these building packages that unwary customers have purchased. Our in-house pre-engineered building erectors have built thousands of Butler Builder®  buildings, as well as several competing firms’ buildings that were purchased directly by owners.

When asked if we would submit a proposal to erect one of these “radio ad” buildings, we took a look at a package provided by a buyer, but did not offer a proposal. Here’s why:

  • These are national advertisements and not “one size fits all.” The companies offering these low prices select the lowest possible roof snow load for that price. A building designed for southern states with a 20 pound roof snow load will not work in Maine where we build 42 pound buildings in the south and 60 – 80 pound buildings in the north.
  • These prices do not include building insulation, framed openings for overhead doors, pass-doors, or windows. Those all need to be added to the low price advertised.
  • Freight costs are not included.
  • Labor and equipment for erection are not included.
  • The roof panels are “screw-down” roofs and not the more desirable standing seam roof.

In addition, the package we evaluated but declined a proposal for included an insulation package that did not meet the current energy codes in Maine. That, combined with the screw-down roof would not allow for a cost-effective increased insulation solution.

We also compared a simple Butler Building package with a screw-down roof, no insulation, and no added amenities to get a feel for the price difference. The materials price for this in the Portland, Maine area is under $28,000. Changing to Butler’s MR-24 standing seam roof brings it to just over $30,000. Both require freight charges added.

When a building such as this gets the proper insulation, overhead doors, pass-doors, windows, concrete foundations, slabs, erection, and stamped engineered plans required for obtaining permits, the overall project budget can approach $200,000. Additional project costs such as earthwork, heating/ventilation/air conditioning, and plumbing and electrical still need to be considered. This is where things often fall apart for the buyer.

Sheridan Construction has been a Butler Builder® since 1947, building over 3,000 buildings. We welcome your inquiries into the cost of a complete build of your new facility.

Sheridan Construction is dedicated to keeping the lines of communication open to provide flexible and responsive service to our clients. We can work with you on every aspect of your commercial construction project, from project and risk management to budgeting and quality control. Working on unique and challenging projects is our specialty. Contact us today to talk about how Sheridan Construction can tailor your next commercial construction project.