What makes Sheridan Construction different from other Maine general construction contractors? First to build a LEED-certified building in Maine.

In 2005, Sheridan Construction was proud to have been the general contractor for the first LEED-certified building on the University of Maine campus. Since then, Sheridan Construction has incorporated sustainability and energy and environmentally-friendly design elements in every project, even those that for budgeting reasons did not become LEED-certified.

Examples of sustainable design, material, and construction methods Sheridan uses:

  • Low-emitting adhesives, sealants, and carpets that meet or exceed recognized VOC level standards
  • Materials with recycled content and durability
  • Appliances and control sensors that reduce energy and water consumption
  • Local and regional materials in order to reduce building costs and fuel consumption
  • Recycling: incorporating into the project, or finding a user for generated construction waste

The end result? Clients and the community-at-large reap the benefits of reduced water and energy consumption, and healthier, environmentally friendlier buildings across the state of Maine.

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