Engineering / Permitting

What makes Sheridan Construction different from other Maine commercial contractors? Our comprehensive construction services.

Sheridan Construction offers cost-effective, architectural site design that meets ever-changing permitting requirements. Gone are the days of the quick permitting process. Today’s building projects require months of designing, planning, and regulatory approvals before construction can even begin. Sheridan Construction’s in-house staff of licensed professional civil and structural engineers, building designers, and CAD operators work with clients throughout the engineering and site permitting phases, providing clients with cost-effective design alternatives that meet ever-changing permitting requirements. Contact us to learn how Sheridan Construction can help you navigate the complex permitting process so your project remains on budget and on time.
Sheridan Construction is a single source of responsibility that can provide turnkey services, ranging from permitting and design, right through to completion. As a real estate developer, this is attractive because it minimizes the chances of encountering surprises during the construction phase.
Richard McGoldrick Chairman, CEO, Commercial Properties, Inc., Portland, ME
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