Black Dinah Chocolatiers


Black Dinah Chocolatiers chocolates are sold online, in 29 retail stores throughout the country, at a tasting room in Blue Hill and at their café on Isle au Haut. Since 2007, the husband and wife team, Steve and Kate Shaffer has been hand-dipping gourmet truffles, but with a lack of space they have now opened a new 3,800 square-foot facility in Westbrook, Maine.

Moving to Westbrook will make hiring and shipping easier and with the time spent getting on and off the island they will be able to put more focus on our business growth.

“We are making it with love, we want people to get that,” said Shaffer. When someone gives someone a box of locally sourced truffles from the Farm Market collection, the message is “I went out of my way to find this product.”

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